Making Home Care Work

Our homecare process is tailored to each client and has proven very reliable. From the definition of the homecare needs, the choice of the most appropriate caregiver to the supervision of the homecare services, Unicity’s approach will bring you peace of mind.

We have served thousands of clients at home, in hospitals or in facilities, because we know how to make it work and how to satisfy our clients.

Our homecare process is very flexible and customized to our clients’ needs. We are available 24/7.  The below steps are representative of how our homecare services work:

  1. Initial phone conversation: Our elder care service representative will answer all questions you may have regarding our homecare services. All our clients are also welcome to visit us in our offices located in the heart of Ridgewood, NJ.
  1. Assessment: We may then set up a care assessment and home safety assessment at the client’s home during which one of our Registered Nurses will assess the specific needs of the client and prepare a customized plan of care. At the time of the assessment or before, we will take you through the paperwork.
  1. Plan of care: The plan of care will be reviewed by Unicity’s Director of Nursing, our Director of Homecare and discussed with the family member or the person in charge, as well as the client. The plan of care will detail the activities to be performed (list of activities, timing, services provided, etc.).
  1. Caregiver matching: A caregiver matching the client’s specific needs and preferences will be assigned. The Registered Nurse, in collaboration with management, will thoroughly communicate with the caregiver all pertinent information regarding the client’s plan of care and his/her specific needs.
  1. Getting Acquainted: At least 24 hours prior to the commencement of the homecare services, the caregiver will visit the client to get acquainted with his/her environment.
  1. Regular Updates: Family members may choose to receive regular updates on their loved ones through e-mails or phone calls. When necessary, we will assist you in finding professional services that may fall beyond our scope of services.
  1. Check-ins, Nurse Visits, adjustments: We will regularly check on your loved one, and every month one of our Registered Nurses will perform a post-case assessment to adjust, if needed, the plan of care. All our Certified & Trained Aides remain in continuous contact with our Registered Nurses and our supervisory team.


For a list of tasks that our certified caregivers can perform, please click here