Why Choose Us


Unicity Homecare is licensed as a Healthcare Service Firm by the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs (New Jersey Office of the Attorney General). We are bonded and fully insured.

Unicity is an active voting member of the main professional bodies which promote the field of homecare both nationally and at a state level.

  • National Association for Homecare and Hospice – This association is dedicated to making homecare and hospice providers’ lives easier.
  • National Private Duty Association – This association enhances the strength and professionalism of private duty homecare providers through education and best practices.
  • Homecare Association of New Jersey – This association is the catalyst for excellence in homecare and hospice.
  • Private Duty Homecare Association – This association of homecare providers is dedicated to helping the ill and disabled to remain in their own homes.

THE QUALITY OF OUR PEOPLE: Experience, Expertise & Training

We are a people company servicing people.

Our management team is very hands-on and closely involved with our clients and their families. Our people are a mix of experienced and successful professionals that continuously strive to implement the industry’s best practices and controls to ensure the highest standard of quality. We pride ourselves in hiring the most talented, knowledgeable and caring individuals in our field. Many of our staff gained significant experience while occupying executives’ positions at the most renowned hospitals, assisted living facilities, nursing homes and other healthcare providers in the area.

Our Caregivers:

Unicity’s caregivers are Certified Home Health Aides (CHHAs), Certified Nurses’ Aides (CNAs), Registered Nurses (RNs), and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs).

All our aides undergo regular training and are in constant contact with a supervising Nurse while working at a client’s.

Below are the requirements to become part of the Unicity caregivers’ team:

  • Pass interviews conducted by Unicity HR department.
  • Pass our behavioral and competency tests.
  • Submit to our extensive background checks, including criminal and medical.
  • Renew certification prior to expiration and remain in good standing.
  • Possess valid authorization to work in the US
  • Mandatory extensive in-house training conducted by our Director of Nursing and Certified Dementia Care Practitioner.


All our staff whether they be part of our administrative/managerial team or our caregivers’ team undergo regular training. Our caregivers get several in-service training sessions along with specific training sessions throughout the year. We also regularly partner with renowned trainers such as Alzheimer’s Association and other healthcare specialists.


Every person is different and unique.

We understand that no two clients are the same, and, as such, we develop an individualized service plan, incorporating all aspects of the person’s life and family. There are several steps to our process, and each is important in creating the Unicity Homecare approach, one that stresses personalization, dedication and quality care.

All of our clients and their families will receive a Care Manager. The Care Manager will coordinate your loved one’s care and stay by your family’s side throughout the duration of service. You will have the ability to contact your Care Manager whenever you have questions, concerns, or just want to check in. Our Care Managers will serve as liaison to our clients, their families, our caregivers, and all others involved in your loved one’s care.

One of our Registered Nurses, under the supervision of our Director of Nursing, will come to your loved one’s residence to perform a thorough initial care assessment. The nurse will conduct a physical assessment, a personality assessment, a home safety evaluation, and will review the medications. Should the client have any type of cognitive impairment, such as Alzheimer’s disease, our Registered Nurse will administer a mental status assessment, which includes Folstein’s Mini-Mental State Exam. Both our Registered Nurses and Care Managers will make sure that our clients and their family members feel comfortable and confident during the assessment process.

Once the assessment is complete, our Nursing Team will develop an individualized service plan. This is used to have a baseline assessment, track the client’s status and progress, and train our caregiver in every detail about the client, from medications and daily routines to favorite foods and activities.

We know that a team approach works best when everyone is informed, and we are proud to be a vital part of each client’s care team. We will stay in close touch with all members of the care team, including your loved one’s physicians, geriatric care managers, attorneys, financial advisors, physical or occupational therapists, etc.

We want our clients and their families to know that we are here to listen, advise, and do whatever we can to ensure each client receives the highest level of quality care.


There is no better care than homecare, especially when it comes to those who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease or other related forms of dementia.

Recent studies from the Alzheimer’s Association have confirmed that remaining in one’s familiar surroundings plays a vital role in managing the disease. Unicity has partnered with the most renowned dementia professionals locally and nationally to ensure the highest standard of care provided to our Alzheimer’s and dementia clients. All our caregivers (Certified Home Health Aides & Certified Nurses’ Aides) receive regular dementia training, and they must our extensive Dementia training course prior to serving our dementia clients. Our specialized dementia training program is administered by renowned Dementia Care Practitioners, Geriatric Care Managers, and Registered Nurses with extensive Alzheimer’s & Dementia backgrounds.

Our caregivers receive training both in-classroom and on-the-job. We administer virtual dementia simulations, in which our caregivers are table to experience what it is like to live with memory impairment or other cognitive disorders. They are trained in validation therapy, the most widely used and well-respected methodology. They know how to act, interact, provide care, engage, and redirect to provide a safe, happy, and failure-free environment. Our training program is continuously revised as more research is done and information becomes available. In addition to classroom education, our registered nurses provide on-the-job dementia training for our caregivers as they are assigned to care for each client living with a dementia-related disorder, as each person is unique, and it is vital for us that our caregivers receive background information, detailed care plans, and instructions in how to best care for each client.

Upon initial assessment, one of our NJ licensed Certified Dementia Practitioners and a skilled Alzheimer’s and dementia nurse will conduct a thorough screening and evaluation, including an interpretation of Folstein’s Mini-Mental State Exam. In addition to this assessment tool, our nurses will also carry out a thorough home safety assessment. Should there be any home safety issues or risk factors, our team will guide the client’s family towards appropriate measures in resolving the matters. Our caregivers will then be specifically trained and oriented, based on the client’s evaluation. Our care plan can include a comprehensive and individualized dementia activity program to ensure appropriate cognitive, social, and physical stimulation is delivered on an ongoing basis.