How We Can Help

At Unicity Eldercare we provide non-medical and medical homecare services to our clients. Our services are customized and range from a few hours per day to 24/7 (live-in). Our licensed, trained and experienced Home Health Aides can assist you or your loved one with maintaining a daily routine, from bathing, eating, socializing, or simply going for a walk outside.

Our mission is to help our clients stay in their familiar surroundings, remain independent and live an active, healthy, and happy life. All our services are provided by licensed aides (CHHAs or CNAs), and supervised by a Registered Nurse, who, in collaboration with the client and his/her family, develops a customized plan of care. We also keep our clients’ families updated regularly on the situation of their loved ones, and we provide guidance when necessary.

While our services are mostly delivered at the client’s home, we also provide services to those residing in assisted living facilities, independent living facilities, nursing homes, rehabs, and hospitals. We understand that a person’s home is a person’s home, whether it be the house they lived in for many years or the assisted living facility they recently moved to.

Our caregivers provide important tasks, including assistance with activities of daily living and personal care, with the utmost professionalism.

  • Transfers: Getting in and out of bed or in and out of a wheelchair can be daunting tasks. Our caregivers have the know-how to safely assist our clients.
  • Assistance with bathing and toileting: Our caregivers are well trained to handle it. Maintaining personal hygiene, while still maintaining a client’s dignity and respecting his or her privacy, is an essential service we provide.
  • Restroom assistance & cleaning: Our caregivers are sensitive to privacy issues. They will ensure the comfort and safety of your loved one, again while maintaining his or her dignity.
  • Assistance with dressing & personal grooming: Providing assistance with maintaining good personal appearance is essential to keeping personal confidence and pride. High levels of self-esteem can help create a positive outlook and attitude, assisting in preventing depression.

Our homecare companions provide friendly support and assistance to care for you or your loved one with a high level of independence in one’s own familiar and comfortable surroundings.

  • Caring conversation, presence: Our homecare companions are trained to keep your loved one engaged and stimulated through simple friendly conversations and the use of mental exercises.
  • Plan, encourage & attend social events: Our homecare companions will make plans so your loved one stays active and keeps contact with outside activities. This includes a variety of activities, from going to the mall, attending one’s weekly beauty salon appointment, attending community/clubhouse events, planning visits to family members, etc.
  • Running errands: Our homecare companions can take your loved one to grocery shopping and run any errands you may have.
  • Schedule planning to doctor’s appointments.
  • Medication reminders: Our homecare companions can ensure your loved one takes his/her medication on time and safely.
  • Light gardening: Our homecare companions can help your loved one with light gardening and to care for the houseplants.
  • Memory exercise: Our caregivers will engage your loved one with memory exercises, puzzles, games, trivia, and other activities deemed appropriate.

Our caregivers can also assist in domestic duties and other household tasks.

  • Light housekeeping: Our caregivers can help clean up the kitchen, take out the trash, clean the bathrooms, make the bed, change the linens, dust, and vacuum.
  • Laundry and ironing: Our caregivers can do the laundry, iron, fold and organize your loved one’s clothes.
  • Meal preparation: If our clients need assistance in preparing their own meals, our caregivers will prepare a nutritious, balanced meal and clean everything up to ensure proper hygiene and a sanitary environment.