What Families Should Know About Senior Depression

Depression is very real for many seniors, especially those with chronic health issues or dementia or Alzheimers. About six million seniors experience depression; and people over age 65 who have experienced a major health issue are at an even higher risk. While depression is a common problem among older adults, it is NOT a normal […]

Seeking Assistance Regarding Your Aging Loved One’s Finances

As your loved ones grow older, you may find yourself worrying about their financial situation. Whether it’s because of declining health or because their savings are running low, finances can make for a stressful situation.  If your senior loved one spent their entire life taking care of finances themselves or largely relied on a spouse to do so, […]

Heart-Healthy Tips For Seniors During American Heart Month This February

February is designated as American Heart Month to advocate about cardiovascular health and raise awareness about heart disease. During this month of Valentine’s Day and “love,” American Heart Month serves as the perfect opportunity to focus our attention on ways to promote and maintain heart health. Since 1963, American Heart Month has been celebrated as […]

How To Seek Help When Your Senior Loved One Is Hoarding

As our senior loved ones age, you may start to see the beginnings of hoarding.  If your loved one’s home is filling up with clutter to the point where moving around safely is impossible, it is time to recognize there is a problem and seek ways to find assistance and help. Of course, if you […]


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