How We Can Help

Unicity belongs to the prestigious National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers. Our Geriatric Care Managers are either Registered Nurses or Licensed Social Workers, with extensive experience working with the elderly community. Taking a client centered approach, our Geriatric Care Managers assist in problem solving, planning and implementation of solutions.

We assist our clients and their families in multiple ways, and we are available 24/7. Our services include:

Care Coordination and Management

Our Care Managers provide continuity of care through regular weekly, bi-weekly or monthly visits to the client, providing a range of personalized services and a review of safety in the home. A relationship of trust is developed that allows the client to feel more secure and independent while minimizing feelings of loneliness and helplessness. Our Care Managers can arrange and take their clients to Doctor’s appointments, with follow-up reports to the responsible party. Keeping in close touch with the families or responsible parties, our Care Manager will take the lead over any situation that may occur and coordinate all required services.

For those who have had a stay in a hospital, nursing home or rehabilitation center, our Care Managers can provide various levels of assistance to ensure a safe transition to home, avoiding additional hospitalizations and reducing stress on the patient and family or caregivers.

Assessments and Care Plans

Our assessments allow family members or responsible parties to know where they stand regarding the care of their loved one and what their options are. Our assessments come with clear recommendations as to what should be done and how it could be done. Though our assessments follow a standard format, we are flexible and focus on the issues brought up to us by our clients.

Our assessments consist of a comprehensive evaluation of physical, cognitive and psychosocial functions by a nurse and/or social worker who is part of our professional geriatric care management team. They will assist in determining the safest living environment and the best options for care. A depression screening, balance assessment, home safety assessment and medication review complete the personalized assessment. Reviews of financial and legal documents, insurance and government entitlements programs present a complete picture resulting in the best recommendations. A written care plan and follow-up meeting enable older adults and their families to get clear, individualized information and obtain helpful answers to their questions.

Activity Plan Development for Elderly with Dementia/ Alzheimer’s

Unicity specializes in Alzheimer’s/ dementia. Our Geriatric Care Management team has created a unique plan of activities for people with Dementia. Whether they live at home or in an assisted living facility, our clients and their families can benefit from this plan of activities. The goal is to keep the elderly engaged and stimulated through various customized activities that can be led by a caregiver or one of our Dementia specialists/ Geriatric Care Managers. Our plan of activity is a unique 3 step process involving:

  • A thorough assessment of the cognitive and physical abilities of the elderly, along with their interests.
  • The write up of a customized plan of activities and the presentation of the plan to the family member/ responsible party.
  • Implementation of the plan of activities by one of our Geriatric Care Managers including the training of the caregiver or and/ activities led sessions by one of our Geriatric Care Managers.

Consultations and Referrals

A consultation, either in person, by phone or conference call with a member of our professional geriatric care management team will review solutions to problems that you, your family or your love ones are facing with respect to short or long term care arrangements. Our Geriatric Care Managers know the best providers of healthcare services in the area and can make the appropriate referral to your needs.

Our Geriatric Care Managers are also community resource specialist. We will assess an individual’s needs and arrange for services and assistance available from private and /or not for profit providers including local and government agencies, and social service organizations.

Through the guidance of our Geriatric Care Managers, our clients can know the availability and scope of quality & cost effective referrals for needed services.

Medication Management

Multiple medications can be difficult to manage for the older adult. Our Care Managers can fill medi-minders, reorder needed prescriptions or review medications, their dosages and potential side effects. Many of our clients have a caregiver, so our Care Managers also make sure to brief the aide on the medications while they visit their clients.

Placement Assistance

Our Care Managers have extensive knowledge of all facilities in New Jersey, New York and also nationwide. Knowledge of quality, price and availability combined with a review of the client’s functional and cognitive abilities through our Care Managers allows our clients and their families to find the best living environment when a transition is necessary or desired. Whether it be an independent or an assisted living facility, a nursing home or even a temporary change to respite care, our Care Managers can help the transition go smoothly by reviewing options, accompanying the client and/or family on tours, reviewing and assisting with payment options, paperwork and assisting with the move itself.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Education and Training

In order to enhance the quality of life of dementia clients, we offer training and education. Whether the diagnosis is Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia, our Geriatric Care Managers are able to provide education on dementia and sensitivity training which helps to understand specific behaviors and ways to modify them in order to minimize stress on the client, caregiver and their families. Interventions that address challenging and/or aggressive behaviors, repetition and sun-downing are offered along with activities which can foster the dignity of the individual with dementia.

Client Advocacy

As an advocate for the client in doctor’s offices, rehab or hospital settings, or at home, our Care Manager ensures that each individual receives the proper care and attention, and that they understand and follow the treatment and medication recommendations. Geriatric Care Managers can attend the healthcare team meeting at a facility as the client’s advocate and be the professional healthcare contact for the family.

Crisis Resolution

Our Care Managers can provide continuity of care as well as crisis intervention. Whether the crisis be of a medical or psychiatric nature, as trained professionals our Geriatric Care Managers can be the eyes and ears of the family while providing professional and personalized guidance.

Legal, Financial, Insurance Review

A comprehensive review of finances, legal documents and insurance policies by our experienced Care Managers allow our clients to plan for the future and determine how care will be paid for. Depending upon circumstances, our Care Manager may present information on insurance policies, reverse mortgages, Veteran benefits or Medicaid. We will review the client’s will, living will and healthcare proxy documents.

24/7 Emergency Care

Our Geriatric Care Managers can provide 24/7 emergency care by phone and/or in person. Our clients’ families/responsible parties can be assured that whatever care their loved one requires, we ensure they are given the best of care and supervision.


Our Geriatric Care Managers also provide one on one counseling visits to individuals, families and caregivers. The Care Manager utilizes a strengths based approach to assist clients in the understanding of emotional issues related to aging.  Our Care Manager can provide short-term counseling for depression, anxiety, grief and loss issues, problematic behaviors, treatment compliance and crisis intervention as well as transitional counseling and support when moving from home to assisted living, skilled nursing, or a memory care community.

Our professional geriatric care management team complies with the Code of Ethics of the Aging Life Care Association (ALCA).