Activities at Home

In order for our clients to get a better quality of life at home, we have developed a unique approach to activities planning at home as part of our care management services. Learn more about our 3 step process.

For our clients whose best care alternative is homecare, we offer activities planning. Our Geriatric Care Management team has created a unique plan of activities for people with Dementia. Whether they live at home or in an assisted living facility, our clients and their families can benefit from this plan of activities. The goal is to keep the elderly engaged and stimulated through various customized activities that can be led by a caregiver or one of our Dementia specialists/ Geriatric Care Managers. Our plan of activity is a unique 3 step process involving:

  • A thorough assessment of the cognitive and physical abilities of the elderly, along with their interests.
  • The write up of a customized plan of activities and the presentation of the plan to the family member/ responsible party.
  • Implementation of the plan of activities by one of our Geriatric Care Managers including the training of the caregiver or and/ activities led sessions by one of our Geriatric Care Managers.

Planning activities for people with dementia is a continuous process. As the disease progresses, Our Geriatric Care Managers will keep the activities flexible and make the appropriate adjustments.

To find out more about our plan of activities, please contact our Director of Social Work, Linda Mac Donald.

Click here for our Dementia Activity Care Plan

Dementia Activity Care Plan Post Card