Vacationing With Your Senior Loved Ones? Tips To Navigate Summer Travel

Vacationing with your senior parents, grandparents or other loved ones may seem daunting since as they age, it becomes more difficult for them to get around.  Some elderly adults struggle with stairs or walking for long periods of time; and others may need a cane, walker, or wheelchair to assist with mobility.  While mobility challenges […]

Safe Practices In Medication Management For Our Elderly

For our senior loved ones, medication management is an important topic.  Failing to take medications as prescribed is quite common in this age group, and unfortunately it is also quite dangerous. According to the CDC, adverse drug events lead older adults to visit the emergency room around 450,000 times per year, largely in part because […]

Summer Safety Tips For Seniors

Seniors are especially at risk as the temperatures begin to climb during the summer months. As we age, our bodies contain less water than younger people, and seniors are often less likely to recognize when they are thirsty.  Seniors are more susceptible to heat stroke, and underlying conditions such as congestive heart failure, diabetes and […]