Caring For A Loved One With Alzheimer’s Disease: Helping Families Cope

A loved one’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease can be devastating, especially for their family caregivers. Unlike other diseases, Alzheimer’s and dementia present symptoms very differently than other illnesses. It takes away what they treasure most: their memories and their identity. It’s understandable to see how difficult this can be to comprehend, for both those living […]

Lifestyle & Healthy Eating Tips For Managing Diabetes

When an individual is first diagnosed with diabetes, it is very common to feel as though your dietary restrictions, and the way you plan your meals, is going to overtake your life.   However, a diabetes diagnosis doesn’t need to be as daunting as it initially sounds! Initially, it is common when people hear a diabetes […]

Eleanor: A Geriatric Care Management Case Study

Geriatric Care Management is a hot button topic in the healthcare industry today. Researching and coordinating all the available care options for seniors can be time consuming and draining. There is an obvious need for geriatric care coordinators/managers to help take the pressure off the overwhelmed caregivers and family members. What follows is a case […]

Hospital Readmission Reduction and the Role of Home Care Providers

It’s obvious to anyone following the national news that the importance of home health care is increasing across America. There are numerous social influences helping to drive this marketplace shift: economic pressures, demographic shifts, consumer choices and government initiatives. One of the more intense focus points lately has become the trend towards reducing hospital readmissions. […]

A Passion for Home Health Nursing

By: Carmen Dalton, RN-BC, Director of Nursing When you think of a Registered Nurse, what do you envision? Do you think of someone dressed in white scrubs, walking up and down busy hospital hallways answering call lights? Do you imagine someone running a code in the emergency room, or caring for clients in a different […]

Occupational Therapy for the Elderly

By Stefanie R Pruss April is National Occupational Therapy Month. In honor of this discipline – and in honor of the wonderful therapists who work so diligently every day to provide therapy to our loved ones – it is important to understand what occupational therapy is and how it can be not only useful, but […]