Seasonal Affective Disorder In Those With Alzheimer’s Or Dementia

As we continue through winter, we often find that throughout this season many of us feel a bit blue due to the lack of sunshine, cold weather and being stuck inside for months.  And whether you are a caregiver or a senior living with Alzheimer’s disease, the long winter months can impact your emotional well-being. Feeling a […]

Home Care vs. Assisted Living: Making The Best Choice For Your Loved One

When the time comes to decide how to help your elderly loved ones when they aren’t physically or mentally able to care for themselves, the decision can be a difficult one. Many families struggle to make decisions about the best living situation for their aging parent. If given the choice, most seniors would choose to […]

Exploring The Connection Between Sleep And Alzheimer’s Disease

As we know, sleeping well and soundly seems to decline as we age. Middle-aged and older adults often wake more frequently at night, wake too early in the morning, and sleep less deeply.  In fact, studies have shown that nearly 60 percent of older adults have some kind of chronic sleep disturbance. Of course, getting a […]

Healthy Eating Tips For Wellness In The New Year

As we begin a New Year, “eating healthier” is always a common resolution. A change in diet may be good for more than just your body, as recent studies continue to point to the benefits of an active, heart-healthy lifestyle to help keep the mind sharp and alert. While there is no specific diet for […]

Helping Your Loved Ones With Alzheimer’s Or Dementia Enjoy The Holiday Season

The holidays are a special time for families to gather and celebrate. As we head into this holiday season, these usually happy occasions can often times challenging for families with aging loved ones.  In particular, the holiday season can cause mixed feelings for those who have a loved one living with Alzheimer’s or Dementia. It’s […]

Patient-Centered Care: Changing The Way We Think About Geriatric Care

Patient-centered care is an approach that focuses on enhancing the health and well-being of your elderly loved one. When you begin to consider senior living facilities for your loved one, you may hear the term “patient-centered care” used while researching. But what exactly does patient-centered care mean?   Explaining Patient-Centered Care: Patient-centered care is care […]